2010 Holiday Gift Shortlist: Books

Here is a shortlist of Super Chef‘s favorite cookbooks and books about food for gift-giving this year, chosen among many excellent contenders.

Food Fiction:
Hundred-Foot Journey (buy)
Richard Morais

Young Children:
I Feel Better with a Frog in My Throat (buy)
Carlyn Beccia

Older Children:
Sugar Changed the World (buy)
Aronson & Budhos

New Cook:
What to Cook and How to Cook It (buy)
Jane Hornby

Foreign Cuisine:
My Calabria (buy)
Rosetta Costantino

The Cook’s Book of Ingredients (buy)

Single Ingredient:
Salted (buy)
Mark Bitterman

The Vegetarian Option (buy)
Simon Hopkinson

Dessert Cookbook:
My Sweet Mexico (buy)
Fanny Gerson

Stocking Stuffer:
The Complete Root Cellar Book (buy)
Maxwell & MacKenzie

Celebrity Chef
Noma (buy)
Rene Redzepi

For those with strong chef aspirations and hearts (desirous) of gold, we recommend Super Chef.

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