Elizabeth Andoh: Help Japan

As Super Chef wondered about what chefs and foodies can do to help those in need in Japan as a result of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and aftermath, Elizabeth Andoh‘s newsletter came through email. Elizabeth was in Tokyo when the earthquake struck. Her newsletter advises those in Japan on how to stay safe, and has links to nonprofits that are helping in the crisis, including Doctors Without Borders. Sign up for her newsletter and start to help if you can.

(Click here to listen to Chef Ken Hom describe the earthquake.)

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  1. Luciana Bianchi says:

    We are doing a big action via twitter, facebook and at the website of The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants! Many chefs around the world are organising events to support our Japanese colleagues and producers.
    Kind regards
    Luciana Bianchi

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