New York Times on Sam Talbot

The New York Times style section profile of Sam Talbot turned a few noses because it focuses on his style, looks, and media approach, rather then his experience as a cook and chef.

The article does contain an interesting quote from a once TV-adverse celebrity chef:

“These new guys come out of the gate famous,” said Tom Colicchio, chef — and executive producer of “Top Chef.” “It pulls chefs out of the kitchen more than it should. It’s hard to say no when you’re being seduced by all these different things that are out there.”

Tom has more of a connection to Sam then the article acknowledges.

He is the host of Top Chef – Sam appeared, but didn’t win, on season 2.

He also started his career in a restaurant named Mondrian – Sam is about to be the head chef of a different restaurant also named Mondrian. That one was uptown in a building where the artist Mondrian once lived (see Super Chef pp.183-187).

Is Tom talking about himself — or Sam — or both — in the quote?

Has Tom had trouble resisting the seduction of everything “out there”?

Certainly, he didn’t come out of the gate famous, but he has had to deal with fame and the lure of money to open multiple restaurants and other ventures, which remove him from the kitchen.

The question is: has he done it better then Sam?

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