Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: LA

Get ready for another revolution – not in the Middle East this time – but Los Angeles.

Jamie Oliver‘s
Food Revolution is a social revolution to change the way people, especially kids, eat. The LA season two starts Tuesday, April 12 at 8 pm/7 pm Central.

From the press release:

Jamie is still asking questions about the quality of school meals, and asks LA’s parents for support to challenge the
LAUSD to do better. He cooks with LA teens and uses a science class to get them thinking about what’s in their food. They tell him they’re scared for their families – they’re sadly at risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease because of the processed food they’re eating. He also dips into the powerful world of fast food and industrial ingredients.

Sounds like a lot of explosive battles, starting with the LA Unified School District forbidding him from filming inside the schools.

Perhaps this is more siege then battle with the outcome still undecided.

Addition: A press release from Wednesday:

Good news that the ‘Food Revolution’ has people talking about what Los Angeles schools are feeding our kids. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out what the kids are actually eating; where the food comes from; what’s on the ingredients’ lists; and who is really doing the cooking. I am hopeful that LAUSD’s efforts to educate the LA media is a signal that they’re willing to work with concerned parents and local activists to make the system truly transparent. Our dialogue with LAUSD is ongoing and I’m optimistic that they will be able to implement real changes that have a long-lasting impact for LA kids.

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