Duff Goldman: Sugar High

Sweet tooth on the road, Duff Goldman‘s sequel to Ace of Cakes called Sugar High in which he’ll be checking out the competition, should be fun for the rest of us when it premiers on Monday, August 8th at 10:30pm ET. Too bad it isn’t earlier so kids could watch – since he is so entertaining for young foodies. On the other hand, no one wants to encourage an even bigger sweet tooth among American youth, so it’s just as well it will be on late for their sweet-snacking parents to watch.

The show takes Duff to “snow cone machines to food carts and boutique bakeries” in LA, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia – sounds like an excuse for an expenses paid vacation – except for the fact that he is working.

How about an international road trip next summer to taste moon cakes in Beijing, lokum in Istanbul, and dried melons in Samarkand…hmm, can we come along?

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