Summer Gifts: Wusthof, Rachael Ray, and Mooney Farms

Summer is a good time to check out gadget and foodie products.

What do you get the grill master who has everything?
Super Chef liked Wusthof‘s new offer, the Studio Set. It comes with a mini wood block that fits three knives and a pair of scissors. That’s probably not enough for most kitchens, but it is perfect next to the barbecue where the Cook’s 6″, Utility 4.5″, and Paring 3.5″ are just the right size for slicing a steak or chicken, or taking a tasting bite of sausage. The sharp scissors are just the thing for cutting open a bag of charcoal. The mini size of the wood block means that it won’t crowd out the heft plate of rib eye steak.

What do you get the Food Network fanatic?
Rachael Ray’s Garbage Bowl. It’s a large speckled red bowl that is meant to sit on your counter. You fill it with kitchen scraps as you cook – good if you have a compost bin or a handy goat that will munch on the discarded bits. Of course, you could use it when you are making a cake or serving popcorn – but it is handy and not unattractive to use for the purpose it was created.

For the potluck with the neighbors?

If summer means tomatoes – and you live in the north – then it can sometimes be a long wait for locally grown tomatoes. Super Chef tired of waiting and tried Mooney FarmsBella Sun Luci sun dried tomatoes. Especially good were the Bruschetta with Italian Basil, ready to spread on bread, and the Julienne Cut with Italian Herbs, for adding to pastas. They are intensely flavored and help with patience needed waiting for fresh.

More summer gifts to come.

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