Best of Fest Vermont Cheese

There is something special about being a judge at a food event. The audience is licking their chops, thinking how good and tasty everything looks, how much they want a bite, too. And some of them are thinking… I could do a better job than that judge…

Well, could you?

Cheese Traders & Wine Sellers is selling “The Best of the Fest” a selection of Vermont’s finest cheeses. This selection includes some of the best artisinal cheeses made in the US.

Super Chef tried the August six-cheese selection from the 2011 Vermont Cheesemakers Festival. If you can’t get to the Cheesemakers Festival, it’s the next best thing.

Here’s what was in our selection:

Like a cheese-of –the-month club, you can order a selection every month or one-time selection.

This way, you can be the judge of great food — from the comfort of your own home.

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