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If your kids are into nature, you might get Ranger Rick and if they are into sports, then SI Kids – but what about a foodie kid? Sure, there are plenty of cookbooks out there, but where is the Saveur or Bon Appetit for your little chef?

ChopChop is it.

Launched in March 2010, it’s a quarterly magazine and website for kids aged 5-12 and their families.

Founded by cookbook author Sally Sampson, it’s jam packed with healthy, fun recipes, articles, and games all about food and kids. The photos are of kids cooking and the message is about eating well and healthy:

The ChopChop Food Philosophy:
We believe in the simple values of cooking together as family and sharing healthy meals.
We don’t do calorie counts or post nutrition content, but everything in this publication is reviewed and approved by our medical and nutrition advisors.
We don’t demonize any individual foods.
We believe that consuming healthy, wholesome meals is a vital step toward a resolution of America’s obesity epidemic.

Recent profiles include Michelle Obama, Mollie Katzen, and Senator Tom Harkin. The Washington Post profiled the magazine and its founder recently.

Super Chef asked Raffmeister our own young journalist for his opinion:

It’s cool. It is an easy-to-understand website, with lots of fun recipes. I liked the tuna with yogurt not mayo. There’s an interesting article on growing plants. And a lot of the pictures are of boys – not just girls making cookies. Cool.

School has started – time for a subscription.

3 comments on “Sally Sampson’s ChopChop
  1. Ana M.Greenberg says:

    Good Morning Sally! I love your your magazine in particular the one where chop chop kidz go to the White House. I got so excited to see that the Obamas are people that truly believe in the work that you and I are doing. Who am I? I am the founder and the Community Health Promotor of FIESTABETES. The program was founded in 2008. It is a non profit, bilingual educational program targeting adults and children that are at risk or have type 2 diabetes. I conduct classes in English and Spanish in nutrition, exercise and hands on cooking. We recently recieved a grant to allow individuals that are low income and with language barriers to attend the program. I love my work and Doctors are now making referrals to our program. I began this program in the kitchen of my home. I started the program because I to am a diabetic. I finally was able to control my sugars and my weight. I feel great. I am a retired teacher and felt that I was not ready to retire just yet. This is my best work yet.

    I hope to hear from you and that we can become colleagues in this endevour.

    Yours in Health and Wellness

    Ana Maria Greenberg
    Community Health Promotor

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