Foodiacs: Back to the Roots Mushroom Kits for Kids

If someone asks if you are a foodiac, say, “Yes.” According to the word means:

Those who are overly zealous and enthusiastic about eating, cooking, and fine dining.

And that’s probably true for most readers of Super Chef.

The website offers members products from artisanal products, culinary tools and cookware – one product at a time, highlighting the producer at the same time. The idea is that you aren’t just buying a select product, you are connecting to the people who made it – in a similar way that you would in a farmer’s market.

We recognize the passion, love, time, and quality of ingredients that go into these artisan products and want these companies to be sustainable for years to come. Beginning in 2012, will begin hosting local food-related events in regional areas throughout the U.S., giving members the opportunity to meet the food artisans and other Foodiacs in their own communities.

What caught Super Chef‘s attention was the product Foodiac is promoting this week (until Sept. 20), Back to the Roots Mushroom Kits. The cardboard box kits grow pearl oyster mushrooms on recycled coffee grinds in 10-14 days. All you do is put it on a kitchen window sill and mist it. You get three boxes – the extra one comes with a school curriculum. The point is to donate at least one of the boxes so kids can learn about growing their own food.

Founded by two college kids, Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez, the company produces local, sustainable, educational, and gourmet products. “Back to the Roots has helped families grow over 250,000 lbs. of fresh food at home in 2011 and sustained 10 urban school & community gardens by donating their premium soil amendment.” You can read the whole story of Back to the Roots here.

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