Chefs Plan for Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2012

Are you ready for Earth Hour?

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) started organizing Earth Hour back in 2007 with The Sydney Herald. They called on everyone to turn off non-essential lights to raise awareness of the problem of global climate change. Earth Hour has since spread around the world. Earth Hour 2012 will take place on March 31, 2012 from 8:30p.m. to 9:30p.m., at the participant’s local time – a wave of energy conservation.

Chefs are expanding Earth Hour by asking their customers to do three simple and important things: eat less meat, source sustainable seafood, and use more local produce. Chefs are offering Earth Hour menus to consumers to help them cook more wisely. Niall McKenna features Lissara duck breast with organic beetroot, salsify, cavolo, saffron, potato and treacle jus, while Rick Stein‘s menu starts with Moules marinière with cream, garlic and parsley. Click here for these recipes and more from Bryn Williams, Ching-He Huang, Ken Hom, Rachel de Thample, and Valentine Warner.

Bill Granger is Earth Hour Australia ambassador for 2012: “WWF’s Earth Hour is a unique event that celebrates the wonder of the natural world and getting involved should be a must for all those who love food.” Chefs are signing up to I Will If You Will campaign that is hoping to challenge the public:

Jerry James Stone has pledged to eat vegan for a month if 5000 of his fans do it for a week.
Justin Bonello has pledged to recycle his rain, bath, and dishwater for use in his garden if 1000 people choose WWFSASSI green listed fish.

Consider joining Earth Hour and making a difference.

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