Core77 2012 Design Awards

Core 77 Design Award 2012

Good design is key to even the most simple food project – from restaurant interior, exterior, lighting, menu, uniform, or cookbook – even the plates and dishes are part of design decisions. Make those decisions well and the results are extraordinary. Choose poorly, and even the most delicious meal will be less for the lack of design.

There are plenty of awards for cookbooks, chefs, and restaurant food, so Core 77, the online design resource, is adding a Food Design category to its Core77 2012 Design Awards.

Here is a summary of the new category:

Food Design
Description: Design at the service of eating, cooking, serving, distributing or experiencing food.
Examples: edible materials, culinary design, delivery systems or architectures, urban gardening, educational programs, multi-sensory gastronomic experiences, kitchens, food trucks, etc.
Judging Location: Paris, France
Jury Captain: Marc Brétillot (Food Designer)
Joining him are: Alok Nandi,
Caroline Champion
Alexandre Gauthier

If you are interested in submitting your design, click here.

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