Spring Gifts: Flip & Tumble

Flip & Tumble:  HookNook + Squeezers

Something about spring calls out for new doo-hickeys and thing-a-ma-bobs for the kitchen.


Perhaps the vibrant newness and color matches spring’s exuberance. Perhaps you need to spruce the kitchen up in advance of family and friends visiting?

Super Chef likes sprucing up with flip & tumble. The company makes nifty, multiple-use whatcha-ma-call-it perfect for the kitchen.

The hooknook is a small tubular cubby you attach to the wall, perfect for keeping small kitchen items – like your cell phone, so it won’t get lost when you drop the groceries on the counter. Then use the outside for hanging a reusable shopping bag like their cute flip & tumble green reusable bag. It tucks into a little ball when you are out and about – and stretches into a big bag at the grocery shop or bakery.

For the table thing-a-ma-jig, a burst of color (orange, green, black & white) and fun comes from flip & tumble’s salt and pepper shakers. These are colored balls are filled with either salt or pepper and squeezed – much like a hand exercise balls. Pass the salt turns into a toss or roll. Once you are done playing and spicing – put them back on their little tray.

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