MARCH: Carrie Mae Smith

Meat by Carrie Mae Smith

How do you take your meat?

Take meat seriously.

That’s just what artist Carrie Mae Smith wants you to do. Her paintings and sculptures explores meat in all its beefy redness and fatty whiteness. They are on display at MARCH, Sacramento’s Kitchen/Hearth/Dining/Home store. The paintings make you consider meat in a very different way than if the slabs and flanks were on a plate.

Carrie Mae is the daughter of a butcher and grew up considering meat in a very different light than the plastic covered selections at a supermarket. These are clean pieces of meat, not dripping or rotting – not edible, but something else. She treats her subject with deep respect.

Visit March to shop for beautiful kitchen or pantry things – handcrafted ceramics, bespoke butcher block tables, linens, and cast iron cookware – and admire (or buy) the paintings through May.

More art by Carrie May Smith:

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