Mother’s Day: Beka Clean’Cooking Fry Pan

Beka Clean'Cooking Fry Pan

Do mothers (or fathers or anyone else cooking for you) and fried chicken go together? Sure, as long as you give Mom a frying pan for Mother’s Day that’s engineered to make frying chicken – or anything else – a lot easier, cleaner and spiffier.

Super Chef went looking for a better frying pan.

The result: Beka’s Clean’Cooking Fry Pan.

What makes it so good?

It has a special lid that fits inside a curved rim. The vents between the lid and rim allows steam to escape while keeping oil safely inside the pan. It keeps the stovetop clean – but, better still, it keeps oil or butter safely away from skin. That means if children are nearby – lured by the smell of frying chicken and offering to help – they won’t get spattered with burned grease.

The lid is see-through glass so you can watch the chicken frying. Super Chef tried out the 9.5 inch model that comes with a long detachable handle, and a detachable side handle that makes storing the stainless steel pan easier – and carrying it more secure.

So, you might want to give Mom a Beka cookware fry pan for Mother’s Day. If you do, fill it with chocolates — and maybe a recipe for your favorite fried chicken: she’ll get the hint.

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  1. Lilly Chan says:

    Where can I order one of these
    Clean Cooking Fry Pan with Anti Splatter Lid?

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