Julia Child Week at Bayona

Julia Child celebration at Bayona 2013

You don’t really need a good excuse to go to Susan Spicer’s Bayona: it simply a great restaurant…

However… if you do need a little persuasion that this is a week to eat there, then let Julia Child lure you in!

Bayona is celebrating La Grande Dame with a special week-long menu of some of her favorites. You won’t have to pour over page after page of her minute instructions to enjoy expertly prepared dishes:

First Course

Saucisson a l’Ail en Brioche avec Lentils du Puy et Moutarde
Garlic Sausage in Brioche with Lentils and Mustard
Rognons de Lapin Diable au Crouton de Moelle
Deviled Rabbit Kidneys on Marrow Crouton
Crevettes et St. Jacques en Gougere
Shrimp and Scallops in Puff Pastry Shell

Second Course

Soupe Catalane aux Poivrons
Catalan Leek and Pepper Soup
Salade Crudite

Third Course

Raie Grenobloise á l’Oignon au Four et Pommes de Terre
Sautéd Skate with Lemon and Capers, Slow Roasted Onion and Potatoes
Blanquette de Veau avec Ris de Veau et Riz
Blanquette of Veal with Sweetbreads and Rice
Caneton Rotî aux Cerises et Cognac
Roast Duck with Brandied Cherries

To Finish

Baba au Rhum avec Crème Anglaise
Crème Caramel Renversée

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