Coopey: Kitchen Pantry Cookbook

Erin Coopey

End of the summer for lucky gardeners means canning and drying the bounty of the garden.

But what about the rest of the pantry? The pickles, condiments, chips and more?

Erin Coopey, author of The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook (Quary Books, is a valuable guide on how to make more things for the pantry and refrigerator at home. From salad dressings to stocks and relishes, her recipes are full of helpful tips, substitutions, and information about equipment. Get those jam jars and pickle bottles cleaned and ready!

Kitchen Pantry Cookbook by Erin CoopeyThe first chapter is on condiments like Mayonnaise (p. 10) . Why not add some mustard to it? You can make your own Dijon mustard (p. 29) and your own White Wine Vinegar or Cider Vinegar (p. 70) for the recipe. Once you’ve made mayonnaise, then Remoulade Sauce (p. 20). For the mayonnaise, For the Remoulade, you could also make your own Whole-Grain Mustard (p. 27) and then use it for those sausages you’ve been meaning to make.

Not in the mood for savory, try some of the recipes in chapter two: Nut Butters and Spreads. Peanut Butter (p. 44) or Almond Butter (p. 47) – or what about Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (p. 50) and chuck that old bottle of Nutella. The spread includes chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, honey, and milk. Pour it over vanilla ice cream as in the photograph by Rina Jordan, or slather that fresh made bread you’ve just finished. Erin includes recipes for both Pumpkin Puree (p. 56) and Pumpkin Butter (p. 58) – the puree is for making a pie or the butter – a kind of sweet thick spread flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg.

There are more chapters on pickles, chips, and dips – there is even a recipe for pickled onions (p. 108) for your martini when you are ready to relax. The Kitchen Pantry Cookbook is a fun autumn gift for that hostess with the big vegetable garden.

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