Last-Minute Holiday Gifts: iCoffee by Remington

iCoffee by Remington

You got milk & cookies for Santa: what about Mom and Dad?

If your kids are waking up bright and early on Christmas morning, you are going to need a really good cup of coffee.

Super Chef tested the new iCoffee by Remington.

What’s new?

Much like how the Dyson Vacuum revamped old vacuum technology, the iCoffee uses SteamBrew Technology to change how coffee is made. A window in the gold filter allows you to watch the coffee being steamed so that each grain really gives up all its flavor. The result? A deeper, richer coffee from the same coffee beans, minus any bitter taste. It’s a bit like new fangled percolating coffee brewer – without that “cooked” taste from the 1950s. Bruce Burrows, Founder and inventor of iCoffee explains:

The SteamBrew jets first pre-steam the coffee and then stir the coffee throughout the brewing process so that each of the coffee grounds is completely suspended and surrounded by hot water at the perfect brewing temperature. While you watch the SteamBrew process through our exclusive brew viewing window, a rich Coffee Crema forms indicating the elimination of bitter and acidic aftertastes.

This might sound like marketing to you – but the machine does, in fact, produce a superior cup of American brewed coffee. However, there is a good deal of coffee sediment or “coffee essence” as the company calls it – in the bottom of the cup (or in a secondary filter). That’s really a sign of how good your cup will be – just don’t drink it to the last drop.

Now all you have to do is choose a breakfast to go with that great cup of coffee while the kids are busy unwrapping their gifts.

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