America Cooks with Chefs: The 800 Calorie Challenge

America Cooks with Chefs:  The 800 Calorie Challenge with Bill Clinton and Mary Sue Milliken

Bill Clinton used to be notoriously for eating burgers and junk food. No more. He is putting his money where is mouth is a new initiative with the James Beard Foundation. The two foundations created America Cooks with Chefs: The 800 Calorie Challenge. It is a cooking competition with celebrity chefs and American home cooks that aims to create 800-calorie nutrient rich meals.

From the press release:

America Cooks with Chefs: The 800 Calorie Challenge will pair six lucky contestants with celebrity chef “trainers,” including James Beard Award winners Tony Mantuano and Mary Sue Milliken of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. An online video series will feature an episode with each duo as they take part in an intense one-day “cooking well kitchen camp,” working together to redesign a recipe around healthy nutritional guidelines without sacrificing taste or presentation.

The contestants will get to attend the 2015 Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) conference in La Quinta, California. They will bring their new skills to a live cooking challenge at the conference, where a panel of celebrity judges will select a winner. The winning recipe will be the best nutrient-dense meal under 800 calories, created in one hour using only ingredients provided. Details on entering will be available at A robust social media program will also be instituted, including the creation of a Twitter platform @AmericaCooks and #800Calories.

Super Chef applauds the invitation of Mary Sue Miliken, who is one of the most gifted culinary teachers in the US. Her experience in many cuisines and street food means that she can help her students create peppy and cheap meals that will satisfy nutritional guidelines.

For this initiative to have much impact it needs to reach families and persuade them to change their habits. Super Chef supports this tough, important job.

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