New Soda’s Sinkstation


Find a problem? Come up with a solution.

The inventors have been at it again – this time it’s a company called New Soda in the UK.

The problem?

When you are preparing vegetables or fruits, you have to rinse them first in a colander and then chop them on a chopping board. That’s two pieces of kitchen equipment that you’ll have to clean and store.

The solution?

Combine the two into one thing. The Sinkstation. It’s a flat colander that you can use to prepare and rinse foods, and dispose of peelings (in your handy countertop recycling bin). Super Chef checked out the pink version (there are plenty of other colors – lime green, grey, white, red, pink, and blue). It’s sturdy plastic, with a raised lip so that nothing rolls off. There are holes to drain water – so it is very handy when rinsing delicate fruit like raspberries that might get crushed in an ordinary colander.

Since there is no handle, it fits easily in the bottom of your sink or on your counter as an extra cutting surface It’s sturdy enough to use when trimming the ends off of vegetables like leeks or scallions. It’s handy for catching the peels of carrots or apples. The flat Sinkstation is easier to store with all your trays than a colander.

All of that makes for a smart solution.

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