Donna Hay: New Classics with Downton Abbey Tea and Wine

Downton Abbey tea and wine

Ready to celebrate season 5 premier of Downton Abbey on January 4th in style? Then you’ll need to start with a proper English tea complete with cream cakes, watercress sandwiches and The Republic of Tea‘s Downton Abbey English Rose Tea. The handsome can comes with a portrait of the three Crawly sister decked out in elbow high white gloves. The tea contains Nigerian hibiscus, rosehip peels, apples and stevia, and flavored with vanilla, raspberry and rose.

New Classics by Donna HayPerhaps a selection of cakes and biscuits from Donna Hay‘s The New Classics: A Definitive Collection of Classics for Every Modern Cook from Donna Hay Magazine (Harper Collins 2014) would be the perfect accompaniment? The Lemon Curd Squares (p. 288) would bring out citrus notes in the tea, while Gingernut Cookies (p. 288) or Raspberry and Ginger Cheesecake Slice (p. 308) would bring forward the apple and raspberry flavors. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to also serve individual Lemon Syrup and Almond Puddings or Coconut and Jam Puddings (pp. 270-1) to round out the tea.

Since the premier will be at night, then after tea and a short nap, get ready for dinner with Downton Abbey Blanc Bordeaux 2012. Again, let Donna Hay guide you with a menu. The wine will go well with a tureen of her Celeriac and Potato Soup or Creamy Cauliflower Soup (p. 85) that are easy to make with winter vegetables. Then go with Oven-Roasted Rib Eye Steak with Porcini and Port Butter (p. 114) or a Spiced Pork Belly with Mint Sauce (p. 156) or a Sage and Fennel Roasted Pork with Cider Apples (p. 161) – imaging that the pork comes from Downton Abbey pigs.

Donna Hay’s new book is the kind of cookbook Mrs. Patmore would have on her shelf – if she did have a cookbook shelf – and if she were alive today. The classic dishes, the new global ingredients, and the easiness of many of the recipes would inspire her. She might even let Daisy have a look.

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