Richard Foss: Chefs with Superpowers

Flying Chef

If you think there is a celebrity chef in the kitchen – whether on board an ocean liner or in one of the chef’s restaurants – you are probably wrong.

Celebrity chefs are in the dining room greeting VIPs, the board room, in front of TV cameras, or in a bookstore signing copies of their latest tomb.

– But what about in the air?

Richard Foss, author of the Food in the Air and Space (see review) answers that question:

A 1947 ad boasted, “KLM’s Flying Chef performs culinary miracles in his kitchen in the clouds… creating delectable hors d’ouerves and desserts, savory sauces and salads, twenty thousand feet in the sky. He is indeed the world’s top chef!”

To read the rest of his article on chefs in the skies, please click here.

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