Peter Anton: The Foodhist Temple

Chocolates by Peter Anton 1

Following on yesterday’s article on The Bronx River Art Center, Super Chef notes that The Foodhist Temple, a sanctuary of food sculptures by artist Peter Anton will be presented at the UNIX Gallery New York. The solo exhibition will be on view from April 2 – May 14, 2015.

Chocolates by Peter Anton 2

The larger than life mixed-media sculptures of pizza, cake, chocolates, donuts and more, are meant to engage viewers and engender feelings of meditation, peace and happiness. You take off shoes, relax on pillows and rugs on the floor, and think about food and pleasure – or you get hungry and go find a good meal. According to the artist, “With heightened color and exaggerated forms, my work promises the unattainable in life: ultimate satisfaction.”

Either way, you’ll be stimulated to respect and enjoy food and Art all the more.

Chocolates by Peter Anton 3

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