Mother’s Day: Grill Nation

David Guas

Mother’s Day and Grill Season: two things that should go together. After all, if the weather holds, it’s a lovely time of the year to bring the family around the picnic table and outdoor BBQ to dive into some great grilled food and celebrate Moms. Grilling means less clean up, so whoever gets kitchen duty (and it had better not be Mom) can get back out to the party sooner.

David Guas of the Travel Channel‘s America Grilled is the latest grilling pro with a cookbook, Grill Nation: 200 Surefire Recipes, Tips, and Techniques to Grill Like a Pro (Oxmoor 2015). David is a Southern chef, so his book is full of the sweeter and sometimes spicier side of grilling. Super Chef looked for a great Mother’s Day menu that would celebrate Moms everywhere.

Grill Nation by David GuasDavid’s books starts out with the basics, including using a very handy chimney starter and choosing the right fuel (pp. 11-13). Then he starts off with sauces and rubs, including classic and easy Kansas City BBQ Sauce (p. 20) in which all the ingredients are combined in one saucepan and cooked for an hour. You may want to keep the Grilled Peach BBQ Sauce (p. 23) for a little later in the season when peaches are at their best. For a really special starter, choose Grilled Oysters with Spicy Cocktail Sauce (p. 47) that can easily be cooked indoors in the oven while the meat is on your outdoor grill. While the oven is on, might as well make some of David’s Cowboy Cast-Iron Cornbread (p. 52) and Charred Jalapeno-Honey Butter (p. 30) to slather on top. Hey, it’s a holiday – indulge Mom.

If Mom doesn’t go in for pig, then what about Asian Grilled Quail (p. 131) with a ginger-sesame-honey sauce? If she does like pork, then David has a fat chapter full of pork recipes from pulled pork to pork chops to pork tenderloin and his Championship Glazed Ribs (p. 162) which oddly pairs the Pork Dry Rub (p. 25) with bottled hickory and brown sugar barbecue sauce, not one of his recipes – still it makes for sticky, meaty, tender ribs Mom should love. You can throw on some pork chops for Grilled Pork Tacos (p. 143) for the kids.

There is more on beef, seafood, and vegetables, including a very good Fired-Roasted Smoked Leeks (p. 259) that produces creamy, sweet tasting leeks inside a chard exterior. Now, who does that remind you of? For the vegetarians, you can also add Grilled Smoked Cauliflower (p.269) – big, thick cauliflower steaks topped with sliced almonds.

Finish up with Bourbon Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Cream (p. 314) and party the night away.

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