Mother’s Day: Food Huggers

Food Huggers

Buy some silicone for Mom.

No, not for her chest: for her fridge.

Is Mom a nibbler?

She eats half an apple or uses half a lemon and stores the other half in the fridge. She wrestles with plastic wrap, and maybe ends up throwing out the uneaten food.

Food Huggers are nifty, colorful, 100% BPA and Phthalate-Free, dishwasher safe caps that fit snuggly over leftover halves of anything from an avocado (with space for the seed) to a lemon or apple or even a half a glass of milk. They stack one inside of the other, so they are easy to store. Mom will like how colorful they are. She can use the lime green to cover half a lime, the lemon yellow for a lemon or vice versa. The lip on the silicone means each lid actually holds the food quite well. They save time cutting up plastic or using bags.

Why give Food Huggers to Mom on Mother’s Day?

Because they are called Huggers – and doesn’t your Mom deserve a hug?

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