Foie Gras Wars: Sao Paulo Bans Foie Gras

Foie Gras 2015

The BBC reports that Sao Paulo has banded both the production and the sale of foie gras, citing animal suffering.

What can Chicago teach Sao Paulo?

The BBC article points out that:

Several countries, including Britain, Germany, Italy and Argentina, have banned its production. But the sale of the pate is still allowed in most of them. The Sao Paulo city council has set a fine of 5,000 reais (£1,000) for restaurants and bars that break the new law – which will take effect in 45 days.

That fine far exceeds the fine imposed by the city of Chicago on restaurants that served foie gras (maximum of $500). Chicago’s City Council came to its senses and repealed the ban in 2008, after two years.

Let’s hope Sao Paulo’s City Council realizes its mistake sooner and repeals this ban quickly.

Surely, there is more important work that needs to be done and more important areas of animal welfare that need the attention of city councils.

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