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Anne-Sophie Pic

Consider what cookbook to bring to your vacation home this summer.

You could take a barbecue book, like Franklin Barbecue. You could take a family cookbook, like Charlie Palmer’s American Fare. But consider taking Anne-Sophie Pic’s Scook (Jacqui Small 2015).


It not only has recipes for elegant meals when your movie star neighbor stops by, but also good family recipes and a bonus chapter on recipes for kids. It includes step-by-step photographic how to’s so that you can and will make the more complicated, unfamiliar recipes. And Anne-Sophie Pic cooks with a light touch, so that most of the dishes are perfect for a hot, humid day when you care looking for something that speaks to summer.

Scook by Anne-Sophie PicFrom her first chapter on entertaining, why not wow that movie start with Sea Bass in a Guerande Sea Salt Crust with Tarragon Hollandaise (p. 17)? The chef leads you through that stunning crust in a series of eight photographs (pp. 18-19) by Michael Roulier. You could start the meal with marvelous gooey Saint-Marcellin Cheese Croquettes (p. 37) and Tomato and Mozzarella Revisited (p. 47) or The New Pissaladiere, with Crunchy Fennel and Onion Pickles (p. 49) for a fancy lunch by the pool.

Got a vegetable garden with too much zucchini? Then try the Savoury Custards: Courgette and Bay Leaf, Aubergine and Coconut Milk (p. 134), both cooked in the oven until set. If there are too many melons, try the summary Melon Soup with Aniseed and Goat’s Cheese Cream (p. 303).

There are plenty of recipes kids would love throughout the book including the deconstructed My Spaghetti Bolognese (p. 34) with tomatoes, meat, and pasta all separated and reversed. But turn to chapter 5 and you’ll discover Boulangere Potatoes with Bacon (p. 371) made with vegetable stock, and the homey Grandma Alice’s Bulgur Wheat with Vermicelli (p. 377), her take on Middle Eastern Kushari. Another family dish you can add in the summer or anytime you can get good tomatoes is Grandma Suzanne’s Stuffed Tomatoes (p. 381) with lamb, mushrooms, and herbs. If you are by the seaside, it’s hard not to be charmed by Scallops with Buttered Green Cabbage (p. 397) followed by Chocolate Mousse (p. 403) or Praline Cream Choux Buns (p. 391), like tiny Gateau St. Honoré. Anne-Sophie suggests that you let the kids help make it – and Super Chef encourages you to let the kids try and make everything!

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