The Real Co’s Single Origin Rice, Salt, and Sugar

Real Co - Single Origin

Among the reasons consumers shop at farmer’s markets is that they know exactly where their produce comes from. The tomatoes or peaches from each farm will be slightly different from other farms, that is, they each have an origin, and, in a sense, a terroir.

People take their kids to shop at farmer’s markets, because there is something very special about that connection, knowing that this peach came from that tree on that farm owned by that farmer.

Consumers pay more and expect more value from single-source chocolate or coffee. It’s partly an expectation of better taste, better quality, and better add-ons with words like sustainability, organic, or fair trade appearing on the label.

But is that sense of origin important for other basic commodities?

That’s the idea behind The Real Co Inc.’s products. The company sells three products: Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Raw Cane Sugar, and White Basmati Rice that are all 100% pure, single origin, and non-GMO. The pale pink salt has “84 active minerals in every grain, is unrefined and mountain washed in Himalayan mountain water.” It is a superior salt for both the table and cooking. The sugar is rich in molasses flavor, full of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. The rice is low-GI and pre biotic as well as gluten free. It cooks up light and fluffy with a nutty Basmati flavor. Better yet is that the farmers who supply these commodities are able to get their products to consumers without middle men taking a cut (beyond The Real Co Inc. itself). “The Workers at every farm are paid a fair age, and the end result is the highest quality organic food.”

So, stop by your farmer’s market or farm stand, and then go home to cook with these special ingredients. Knowing that they come from a rice paddy in Gujarat, a salt mine in Pakistan, or the sugar cane fields of the Ortuno Family Farm in the Turriabla Valley of Costa Rica makes them taste much better.

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