BBQ Month: Heinz’s Regional Flavors

Heinz BBQ Masters

What are you willing to eat from a bottle or jar that isn’t home made?

Jam? Pickles? Mayonnaise? Peanut Butter? Mustard? Ketchup?

What about Barbecue sauce?

Sure, you can make your own, but chances are you’ve reached for a good quality BBQ sauce or doctor one up with a few ingredients to make it your own. You may have even picked up a bottle of sauce at your favorite BBQ stand. But if you are overwhelmed by the different styles of BBQ and sauce (or no sauce), or everyone at your table want to slather their ribs with different flavors, Super Chef has a good idea what to do.

May is National BBQ month. Heinz is launching a line of BBQ sauces created with five of America’s top pitmasters. Super Chef volunteered to try them. Pulled pork, which is often doused in sauce, offered the best foil for these sometimes quite sweet sauces.

Here is the line up:

Joe and Mike Pearce: Kansas City Style
Dan Brown: Memphis Style
Robert Sierra: Texas Style
Sam Jones: Carolina Vinegar Style
along with Classic Thick and Sweet

The colors of the sauce range from deep brown (Memphis) to light red (Carolina). The hands down favorite with Super Chef’s crew was Sam Jones’ Carolina Style. It’s tangy taste melded well with the rich ’cue. But the fun was trying each bottle and comparing the flavors.

Even if you are a dry rub purist, pick up all five bottles and let your guests have fun squirting what they like on your perfect BBQ.

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