Spring Gifts: Bear Paws

Ever feel like… – dressing up like Wolverine?

A set of Bear Paws might be just the thing.

They’re great for shredding, lifting, serving, and turning meat on or off a hot grill.

Bear Paws by Bear Paw Products

They’re also great for pretending you are a member of the X-Men – after a serious manicure.

What other kitchen tool can help you pretend you are the Wolverine or his Russian version, Ursula Major?

Tuck them into your apron pocket and they will be handy whenever you need to manipulate meat. Use them at Thanksgiving to transfer turkey from roasting pan to carving board. Use them for quickly turning a pork butt into pulled pork. Use them to hold a ham in place while you carve.

They are sharp, so watch out around kids. But when they aren’t looking, go for it.

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