Time: Fat Celebrity Chefs

Alton Brown

Are celebrity chefs and cooks responsible for America’s obesity problem?

Do we need more celebrity chefs to encourage good eating?

Most people get fat eating junk food, soda, and not exercising, but there are plenty of overweight people in fine food businesses who have trouble refraining from rich food and finding enough time to exercise. Over eat junk or over eat find food – it doesn’t matter – both will probably make you fat.

According to a recent article in Time, Alton Brown thinks that the diet business is the next place for celebrity chefs to make inroads:

” I’d go to appearances and see an audience of very heavy people. And I thought, ‘What role do I have in that?,” says Brown, who is thinking about writing a book about the 50 lb. he has lost since March. “Celebrity chefs are the high priests of the food craze that is partly responsible for the fattening of America. We helped people get into this mess. I don’t see why we shouldn’t help get them out.”

It turns out loosing weight is the next big thing among chefs. Brown lost 50 pounds, Michael Psilakis lost 80 pounds, as did Alex Stratta , and Rocco DiSpirito lost 40 pounds. The article doesn’t mention any women – even though Rachael Ray has a much publicized weight problem.

Rocco has a book of low calorie versions of comfort foods in the works.

How many other chefs will be coming out with one, too?

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  1. I’m just waiting for the first vegan, low fat, low salt, network cooking show.

    Well, ok, if they ask me I’ll do it.

    Marty’s Flying Vegan Review

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