Norman’s: Ford Fiesta Movement

What has Ford got to do with Norman’s at the Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes Orlando?

It turns out Ford is handing Norman’s some free publicity. The Ford Fiesta Movement promotion consists of 16 teams in 20 cities who promote the European Ford Fiesta by giving parties, competing with other teams, and artists. Teams in the competition were asked to choose their Top 10 Hippest/Favorite locations in their home city.

The Orlando team of Mark and Dan chose Norman’s along with Dickson Azaela, Stardust Coffee and Video and The Vegan Hot Dog Cart. The goofy mural is located on the side of Pho 88: 730 N. Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803. There is a picture of the car, the Ford logo, and the team surrounded by their favorites.

Mark and Dan have good taste!

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