Miralda: De Gustibus Non Disputandum

The other half of the food revolution brought on by Ferran Adria and molecular gastronomy, is the boundary- breaking art of Antoni Miralda. From creating spaghetti installations in New York’s Central Park of to transforming Kansas City’s stock market, Miralda and his wife and collaborator, Monse Guillen, re-thought food and art.

A retrospective exhibition of the works (1965-2010) at the Palacio Velasquez, located on the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid, an extension of the Centro Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia.

The exhibition June 24 – October 11) is called De gustibus non disputandum (‘there is no disputing taste”), covers his work in Paris, Hanover with the FoodCulturalMuseum, and his main works in the US such as Honeymoon Project, El Internacional and Big Fish .

If you are planning a visit to Europe this summer, put Madrid on your itinerary.

(Image of Antoni Miralda’s “Bread” from National Gallery of Australia)

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