Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Los Angeles

Jamie Oliver is moving his food revolution.

He’s signed up for a second season moving his show from Huntington, West Virginia to Los Angeles, California. The first season won an Emmy for outstanding reality series. Huntington was the Nation’s unhealthiest city, so their was plenty for Jamie to do to try to convince the citizens to make healthy changes to their diets both in school cafeterias and at home.

Is Los Angeles very different?

There is a vibrant fine and casual restaurant scene, plus plenty of farmers’ markets, cooking schools and ethnic food – all missing from Huntington. And there are plenty of other local chefs who have been preaching healthy eating both in schools and in their restaurants.

But even in foodie cities, there are plenty of people who still eat unhealthy food. The challenge will be finding them and promoting change without promoting the show itself.

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6 comments on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Los Angeles
  1. Laurie says:

    All I can say is I love Jamie and I don’t care where he does his show, this message is a crucial one and needs to be heard. More power to him and all who join the mission to help educate others on the importance of real food!

  2. Lisa Stark Hughes says:

    I agree, I love Jamie too. Our high school has a culinary arts program but it isn’t connected with the lunch program so the food is terrible. I think Jamie should just go to each school district, one season at a time!

    I care less about it being in the unhealthiest city and more about getting the schools to change. No matter how many health conscious people there are in the town, the schools just keep doing things the same old way.
    GO Jamie!

  3. Lisa! says:

    I went to Jamie’s Kitchen opening yesterday as a parent of a student at LAUSD and also as a teacher in another local school district.

    The rest of the world sees Los Angeles as a place of svelte, tan, bikini wearing beauties. That’s not the reality. The wealthy shop at Whole Foods and have the time to seek out farmers’ markets. That’s not the reality. My students eat the school breakfasts and lunches because they must. On the off chance they don’t qualify for free lunch, they bring cheetos and lunchables.

    Jamie was preaching to the choir yesterday- these are people who know how to feed their families and most likely are NOT allowing their kids to eat cafeteria food. He needs to show the parents at schools like mine just what their kids are eating and how to change that at school as well as at home.

    Jamie- if LAUSD doesn’t allow you in, give IUSD a go… we need him there with his revolution

  4. alejandra says:

    Im a mother of two and with the busy schedule I can have sometimes its easy to just pop food in the micro..It wasent the healthiest and it didint satisfy there appetite and it only led to more junk.

    Changing my familys eating habbits ,food and the portion they eat. Due to the change my kids are happier,energetic and most of all healthy they drop the chips and grab an apple now,I may not be with my kids in school but it would be wonderfull to know that my kids are getting the nutrition they need and have at home when they are at school.

    I support the changes that want to be made on School Food .Why even question a change that benefits our childrens health.

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