FACE Africa: Marcus Samuelsson

If you read The Economist for anything more than a financial quarter, a constant concern emerges: water.

Water is more essential then petrochemicals. In the not-so-distant future, it could lead to more conflicts than oil in the 20th and 21st centuries. Everyone will become concerned, if not directly involved.

One group already involved is FACE Africa. They are a Boston-based nonprofit, dedicated to water and sanitation issues in Liberia.

FACE Africa is putting on its 2nd Annual Clean Water Benefit Gala on Saturday, March 26 at the Taj Boston.

Marcus Samuelsson, long associated with UNICEF’s Tap Project will be the honoree. FACE has already plans for the funds it raises:

Proceeds from this year’s gala will be used to fund water and sanitation projects in 10 schools in Liberia, a country where most lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. The projects will be done in partnership with Concern Worldwide and will help provide accessible and sustainable safe water supplies, as well as improved hygiene awareness and practices for students and residents.

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