Showmanship: Chef Brown’s Sensorium

Once upon a time, a mere three or four decades ago, a little chef (in terms of height, that is) and his wife (decidedly taller) opted to place their new restaurant’s kitchen not in the back but the front of the house. They called it an “open kitchen.” The restaurant was Spago, the chef Wolfgang Puck, and the wife Barbara Lazaroff. (See Super Chef, p. 13)

With that bar set, today’s chef showmanship is a bit more elaborate.

Chef Bryon Brown has developed a “Sensorium” for his supper club, Artisa Kitchen. He has created this theater-like, pop-up dinner series replete with paired food and wine, further paired — with music, costumes, and dramatic lighting.


(Video filmed and edited by Jessica Sidman of Bisnow Media; rehearsal photo from Facebook page)

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