Boston Beer: Microfinance

Just as microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh is fighting to keep his position, Boston Beer is launching a microfinance project in the US.

Samuel Adams and ACCION USA have partnered to help food, beverage and hospitality small business owners in New England, Ohio, and the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with the tools they need to help their businesses succeed. Small business loans from $500-$25,000: Food and beverage small business owners can get the capital needed to expand or start a business, purchase inventory or equipment, market a business, pay licensing fees, and more!

The Boston Beer Company made an initial $250,000 commitment to establish the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Micro-Loan Fund at ACCION USA. So far, the website has profiles of three food and beverage start-ups. Click here to see what companies have already received loans. There are also speed coaching (one-on-one sessions) and business seminars (though none are listed currently). So, time to dust off that business proposal for a cupcake, meze, or cheese shop.

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