Glynwood: Apple Exchange between New York and Le Perche

Just how important are apples?

If you are a farmer in the Hudson Valley, New York, apples just might be your livelihood.

Spearheaded by Colette Rossant and the Windfall Project, Glynwod is hosting an apple exchange between apple growers of the Hudson Valley, New York, and apple growers from Le Perche region of Normandy, France.

The Apple Exchange aims to seed ideas and inspiration by encouraging participants to see their work with fresh eyes, helping them to improve their skills, and bringing new exposure for their products.

This month farmers and artisans from Le Perche are visiting New York to introduce their techniques for making superb apple cider to apple growers. They are also bringing their artisinal products to show American chefs including: honey, saffron and saffron products, escargot au naturel, escargot rillet, escargot confit, boudin, pates, and of course all sorts of apple products such as cidre, Calvados (apple brandy), Pommeau (apple wine), apple cookies, and cider cookies. The exchange aims to revive the ailing Hudson Valley farms, thus helping the region as a whole.

Chefs, restaurateurs and journalists interested in attending a tasting of food and drink from Le Perche on October 17 should contact Glynwood’s Sara Grady at sgrady [at] glynwood [dot] org.

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    Apple exchange! by the by this is how both side may enjoy both test 🙂

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