Halloween: Cathal Armstrong

Cathal Armstrong

What is Halloween all about? An excuse to eat sugar.

Let kids eat candy – adults can sink their fangs into more sophisticated elixirs and sweets.

Cathal Armstrong, the celebrated Irish chef who runs a handful of restaurants in Alexandria, VA, has the right idea. Each of his restaurants is catering to the adult Halloween crowd. Super Chef was impressed that he is able to adapt the theme to all of his diverse restaurants – fine dining to causal.

Restaurant Eve:

Along with cat shaped shortbread to go with post dinner coffee or tea and sinful dessert options on the menu, diners of the tasting room will be given a take home Pick Your Poison box of petit fours, to do as they will with.

Virtue Feed & Grain has a life DJ and Caldron Cocktails along with “Red Velvet Spider Cakes, Bloody Pirate Jelly Donuts, Pumpkin Torte, and a Pumpkin Spice Soup with Bat Wing Croutons.” Proceeds go to Chefs as Parents, Cathal’s foundation that is dedicated to improving the nutrition of Alexandria’s public school students.

The Majestic is becoming a speakeasy, offering prohibition cocktails like the Mary Pickford and the French 75. ” Chef Shannon Overmiller will be stirring up desserts with her Spooky Cookies, Chocolate- Bloody Bundt Cake—a double chocolate cake with black cherry port wine sauce—and a Pumpkin Crème Brûlée with ginger snaps.”

Since they are all in the same city – why not stop by them all?

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