Annie Rigg: Christmas Cooking With Kids

Annie Rigg

Christmas is… spending time with your kids (grandkids, nephews, nieces, friend’s kids) teaching them all about the treasures that can be made in the kitchen.

Christmas is… for giving.

Open UK cookery book author Annie Rigg‘s Christmas Cooking with Kids (Ryland, Peters & Small 2011) and you will inspire and enchanted. The book is filled with simply sophisticated, and simply homey recipes for goodies that go far beyond the ordinary.

Christmas Cooking with Kids, by Annie RiggIt’s all about cooking with children and so it is filled with photographs by Lisa Linder of handsome boys and girls expertly cooking with no grownups around. Not to worry, the recipes are filled with instructions on asking an adult to help – but just like a good pediatrician will address a child before its parent, this book is directed at kids. Teaching kids to make things for others is one of the most important lessons. Getting away from “I want” is another!

The first chapter is Little Treats & Gifts. Start with American classics like Frosted Brownie Squares (p. 12) decorated with red and green M&Ms and tiny stars. The Lebkuchen (p. 16), German Christmas cookies, are dressed up with white icing and bittersweet chocolate. Wrapped up in a pretty box, they would make a wonderful gift for a special teacher. For younger children, the Marshmallow Pops (p. 21) are a great treat. They put marshmallows on Popsicle sticks, and them dip them into melted chocolate and then sprinkles. Older kids can make Pecan, Toffee & Chocolate Squares (p. 44), Chocolate Truffles (p. 32), or Apple & Cranberry Pies (p. 59).

The following chapter is on edible decorations from Marzipan Christmas Figures (p. 62) to Gingerbread Shooting Stars (p. 70) and Snowflake Cookies (p. 77). Imagine eating your way through the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Cooking with Kids is filled with more – cakes & pies, ice cream, and savory goods, that will fill up the holidays with plenty of good things to eat.

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