Chefs for Obama

Chefs for Obama

The primary season might be all about Republican candidates, but have no fear, the Democrats are getting rolling. And that means chefs are busy catering fundraising dinners. In Boston chefs are going one step further. They are the main attraction at a fundraiser for President Obama: Chefs for Obama on January 31, 2012, at 6:30 pm., at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Spearheaded by hospitality industry-attorney Joseph P. Hanley, Chefs for Obama has attracted 14 of Boston’s best chefs for a dinner and cooking competition. According to the press release:

The judging panel will include Governor Patrick, First Lady Diane Patrick, who will both give brief remarks, and award-winning chef Ming Tsai, who will announce the winner at the end of the night. The event will also include the rollout of the first-ever Massachusetts Chefs for Obama cookbook.

The chefs include:

Jody Adams | Rialto & Trade
Jamie Bissonnette | Toro & Coppa
Chris Coombs | Deuxave & DBar
Evan Deluty | Stella
Tiffani Faison | Sweet Cheeks
Will Gilson |The Herb Lyceum
Gordon Hamersley | Hamersley’s Bistro
Barbara Lynch | No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, Stir, Sportello, Menton, 9 at Home Chef
Barry Maiden | Hungry Mother
Seth Morrison |The Gallows
Rebecca Newell |The Beehive
Marc Orfaly| Pigalle & Marco
Brian Reyelt | Franklin Café, The Citizen & Tasty Burger
Ting Wen Yen |Oishii

Super Chef spoke to Joseph Hanley about the event:

Super Chef: How did this event come about?

Joseph Hanley: We thought, why don’t we try to do an events that is less about politics and more about getting people together from different demographics.. In Boston, on the ground level, there is such a passion and support for restaurants and chefs. People will get out and watch them cook.

Super Chef: How did Governor Patrick get involved?

Joseph Hanley: There is no better surrogate for the President in Massachusetts then Governor Patrick. The Governor is a foodie. He is very passionate about food and wine, he has participated in a lot of non-profit events that aren’t political where chefs are involved, so it is a natural combination, and dove-tails into First Lady’s campaign to combat childhood obesity.

Super Chef: How did you choose the chefs?

Joseph Hanley: Many of these chefs have already participated in non-political, charity cooking events. There were a lot of chefs to choose from in the Boston area. This is not a typical political event. Obviously, we are raising money, but we are trying to have some fun. I know these chefs personally. I have helped them in my practice.

Super Chef: Can people buy the cookbook after the event.

Joseph Hanley: Absolutely. We have a website where you can purchase it. The forward is by the Governor. Each of the chefs will have the recipe they are making at the event. The book includes a photo of each chef and their dish, and a quote from the chef about their support for the President and the First Lady.

President Obama and Governor Patricks

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