Fabio Viviani: I Would Love to Meat You eCookbook

Fabio Viviani

Will eCookbooks replace paper and ink books?

Chefs and cookbook writers encourage readers to cook what is seasonal and available in the market.

Say you go to the store to buy fish for dinner with a recipe for a fish stew. The recipe tells you to buy sea bass, clams, shrimp, and tomatoes. But when you get to the store, the sea bass does not look appetizing and there are no clams or fresh tomatoes. You buy trout and a few leeks instead. You get home, open the cookbook, and try to find a recipe for fresh water fish and leeks.

I Would Love to Meat You eCookbook, by Fabio VivianiTurns out, you should have also bought parsley and panko!

What do you do?

Go back to the store?

Skip those ingredients?

Find another recipe that fits what you do have?

Drag your cookbook to the store?

What if you had an eReader and had downloaded a few cookbooks?

You could have leafed through them and chosen a recipe and bought the right ingredients!

Chefs like Fabio Viviani are figuring out that eBooks are more useful to home cooks who follow recipes. He is publishing a series of free monthly eCookbooks. The second in the series is called I Would Love To Meat You, no doubt timed for Valentine’s Day. It includes a meat recipe for each day of the month, 29 in February’s case. You sign up and download I Would Love To Meat You at http://fabioviviani.com/free-books/your-account/. January included 31 soup recipes and March will be all risotto.

Last week, Super Chef reviewed another ebook, Gurpareet Bains‘s Indian Superspices.

All you have to have is an ereader.

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