Spring Gifts: BEKA Eco Logic and Quirky Citrus Spritzer

Beka Eco-Logic pan

It’s spring. You’re going to barbecue, except for one thing. It’s raining and chilly.

So? Head in doors with the proper equipment and get cooking.

Super Chef checked out BEKA‘s latest Chef Eco-Logic 100% Green non-stick cookware. These aren’t the tinny kind of non-stick pans on sale at your supermarket. These are durable, hardened aluminum coated with a new super tough ceramic non-stick surface, Bekadur Ceramica. It’s PTFE and PFOA free. Treat them like a cast iron pan (you should have one of those to – see Valentine’s Day: Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook and Skillet). Coat the surface with oil every few times you use it to season it. The pan will last longer, especially if you cook on medium heat not high. Super Chef found the heavy pan comfortable to use, great for an omlet, a burger, and a crepe. No sticking, no funny fumes, and no guilt. The pan won a Design Plus award, and it’s easy to see why.

Super Chef also tried the new Citrus Spritzer from Quirky. You stab a lemon or lime with the doodad and you can spray lemon mist onto your fish or into a drink or dessert. It’s cute, easy to use, and it’s fun to poke holes in a lemon. Let your kids use it to spritz lemon onto broccoli or spinach – then they have to eat up!

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