Jose Andres: National Gallery’s Cafe Catalonia

Jose Andres

The National Gallery of Art continues its very smart pairing of Art and Food. This time, Jose Andres has created a Catalonian menu for Café Catalonia that will celebrate an exhibition of Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape (May 6–August 12, 2012).

Here is what he is serving on the buffet:

rustic bread, empedrat de mongetes (white bean salad with vegetables, black olives, and tomato), sopa freda de cireres de Santa Coloma de Cervelló (cold cherry and tomato soup), samfaina (Catalan vegetable stew), xatonada (salad of frisée, preserved tuna, and romesco sauce), formatges amb anous i codony (Catalan cheese with Marcona almonds and quince marmalade), escalivada catalana (salad of roasted red pepper, eggplant, and onion), pollastre a la catalana (Catalan chicken stew with dried fruits and nuts), fricandó de galtes de vedella amb bolets (Catalan stew of beef cheeks and mushrooms), and for dessert crema catalana (caramelized Catalan custard).

Take the kids this summer to see the space shuttle Discovery at Udvar-Hazy Center – and then take them to the National Gallery for a real treat for all the senses!

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