Quirky Summer Gifts: Mercado Bag and Sliders

Sliders by Quirky

It’s time to check out the invention company Quirky‘s new products for the summer – giving or getting.

Super Chef especially liked the Mercado, a new bag to take to the farmer’s market. It has numerous pockets to keep your strawberries from banging into your peaches and turning into mush before you get home, or your cheese from becoming a pancake. Roll it up and put it in your suitcase if you are going to Europe. You won’t be offered plastic bags or even paper ones in the Marché Rue de Buci. Instead, you can choose your fraise and place them carefully in one of the pockets, put your white asperge in another, and put your mache salad leaves in a third. There is plenty of room for a baguette or two, plus wine, lapin, and whatever else you might find.

What a clever bag!

If you are staying home by the grill, then Super Chef likes the nifty Sliders double-pronged sliding skewers. They won’t burn like wood ones do, and your kabobs or fish will slide off the skewers with a push. No more bouncing chicken off your plate. They look good. You can hang them up or store them in a drawer. You can use them for Wolverine claws (just kidding).

Have fun grilling!

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