Romertopf: Nature’s Oven Bread Baker

Romertopf's Bread Baker

After reviewing plenty of bread baking cookbooks, Super Chef went looking for a better baking dish. What could make more sense then baking in bread in a bread pan that actually says “BREAD” and “BAKER”? That’s not the most important reason to choose the Romertorf by Reco Nature’s Oven Bread Baker. But it makes a wonderful baking dish even handsomer.

This is a clay dish – so you soak it in water for about 15 minutes prior to putting your dough in for a final proof. The water in the porous, unglazed terracotta serves to steam the dough while it cooks, and creates a wonderful crust and a very nice loaf.

It is easy to clean with warm water and a brush. The only trick is starting in a cold oven, and increasing the temperature by 100 degrees and adding ½ hour of cooking time.

Super Chef likes the full-size loaf pan. But for a house-warming gift or weekend host gift, choose one of the mini-loaf pans – make some bread, and give it as a gift in the bread baker – just make sure to give directions and a recipe to your host. Better yet, teach your kids to make a loaf and they’ll be the Bread Baker.

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