Holiday Gifts: Fusionwood 2.0

Superbread Fusionwood 2.0, by New West KnifeWorks
New West KnifeWorks
Chopper Chef Knife Fusionwood 2.0, New West KnifeWorks

Using a new knife is like walking in new sneakers. When you put on a pair of great new sneakers, everyone turns to admire them. You look good. You feel good.

What more could you want?

Well, if you’re talking about knives, let’s talk about New West Knifeworks knives — and forget all about sneakers.

You can raise your game in the kitchen with a new knife from New West. Thanksgiving can be easier and a whole lot more joyful to prepare.

Super Chef has long been a fan of New West knives. (see Holiday Gifts: Fusionwood Steak Knives). Recently, we tried out two of their new Fusionwood 2.0 knives — perfect for kitting out a new kitchen or for bringing to your hard-working holiday host.

The mini chopper, a masterful cheese cleaver, conquers all kinds of small tasks from chopping ingredients for stuffing to slicing salumi and cheese for the hors d’oeuvres. What makes it new (besides the nifty chubby shape that brings power and precision to smaller jobs) is the steel – powderized steel. What does that mean?

The steel is made with particle/powder metal technology that creates a carbide rich, super fine grain structure that has performance characteristics unheard of in traditionally wrought steels. In traditional steels, the harder a steel is (better edge holding), the more likely it is to break, chip and rust. It also makes it more difficult to sharpen. Through the magic of powder metal technology, Fusionwood 2.0 knives have unparallel edge holding combined with indestructible toughness and excellent stain resistance. The micro grain structure also allows for ease of sharpening and the ability to create an incredibly sharp edge.

Extra sharp, and easy to keep that way sounds like a very good combination.

Next get the Superbread Fusion 2.0 – its far more than a bread knife – it can handle the big tasks from cutting butternut squash for the soup, to carving the turkey breast – and of course, speeding through the mounds of baguette, Panetone, and bagels. The groves on the blade mean that food won’t stick, and yet it keeps a sharp edge. It is also made with the new powderized steel. It will feel terrific in your hand – heavy enough to get through any job, and yet well designed so that your knuckles don’t hit the table.

The Fushionwood handle adds color and style:

We carefully layer dyed veneers of select hardwood which are then impregnated with a proprietary engineering grade resin. Since the resin is pulled into the wood using a vacuum process, there is no surface treatment to deteriorate. The handle is just fine sanded and buffed.

It is an elegant, well-designed, well-crafted knife –and made in the USA.

Once you get your new knives, what can you do with them?

What about trying them out on Sam Sifton‘s turkey sandwich recipe (below). Use your Superbread knife for the bread, turkey meat. Use your mini chopper for everything else. Bring it to the table as part of presentation.

Try your luck at New West Knifeworks’ Holiday Chef Knife Giveaway on Facebook. (Click here for more information.)

Recipe: A Proper Turkey Sandwich
(Adapted from Sam Sifton’s Thankgiving: How to Cook it Well)

2 slices thick-cut bread
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon cranberry sauce
1 tablespoon leftover Thanksgiving dressing
1 scant handful of turkey meat (ideally dark meat and skin)
1 piece romaine lettuce, washed, dried, and ripped in half

Toast bread so that it has a crisp exterior but remains soft within. Spread mayonnaise thickly on one piece of bread, cranberry sauce on the other. Spread the stuffing on top of the cranberry sauce and cover with meat then the romaine. Top sandwich with the piece of toast spread with the mayonnaise.

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