Holiday Gifts: Lodge Seasoned Steel Skillet

Paella in skillet

Thanksgiving is a Big meal. Big meals mean BIG cookware. Lodge‘s new 15-inch Seasoned Steel Skillet is BIG. It’s a sturdy, rugged giant pan that’s ready to take on any side dish.

Why does Super Chef think this pan is so great?

The sloping sides let you sauté or fry with ease – food stays in the pan, but it’s also easy to stir and flip.

It comes with two riveted handles that make lifting this mammoth pan – even hot off the stove – much safer and more practical.

It’s part of the new Seasoned Steel line. That means that you can use it, and keep using it, without having to first develop a seasoned surface first. Take care of your pan – no scrubbing with detergents – and it will keep getting better and food won’t stick.

Frying your turkey outside? Then turn on the BBQ and use this pan right over the coals. Bring it to the table, as long as you put a trivet underneath.

It’s a pan that lasts and lasts. You are going to be having Thanksgivings and other large parties for a long time – so invest in a pan that will help with big meals, whether you are cooking potatoes, paella, or a giant omelet the morning after the party – this pan handles all the big jobs.

So, if you already have a roasting pan that can hold that 23-pound turkey, you – or your host – will still need a pan that can cook some of the remaining sides. Invest in a Lodge.

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