Oceana: The Perfect Protein

Andy Sharpless

Eating fish isn’t simple. Before you eat it, cook it, and buy it, you might want to consider the state of fish in the world’s oceans and whether or not there will be any fish to eat in the near future.

Andy Sharpless, CEO of Oceana has a lot to say about your plate of fish in The Perfect Protein: The Fish Lover’s Guide to Saving the Oceans and Feeding the World (Rodale 2013) written with Suzannah Evans. Oceana is the world’s largest international conservation organization solely dedicated to protecting the oceans.

Oceana The Perfect Protein by Andy SharplessThis is a slim book packed with a vast amount of information – information you have to digest before the next fish. Get your kids (nephews, nieces, grandkids, or neighbors) to read it and let them guide you. They’ll eat more fish. They learn the importance of a forward by President Bill Clinton. They’ll learn about “How to Save the Oceans and Feed the World.” It’s there world – let them guide you. It is World Ocean Day on June 8th, so celebrate by giving a copy of The Perfect Protein

There is an easy checklist to pay attention to – “Do Your Part” (pp. 128-9) – that includes some very helpful advice (here are the headlines):

•Speak up.
•Get smart about the issues.
•“Eat an anchovy” – consume sustainable seafood.
•Get smart about your seafood.
•Go to the sea.
•Host a fund-raiser.
•Join Oceana.
•Spread the word.

Grab the book back from your offspring to go over the last section of 21 celebrity chef recipes for sustainable fish. These include Barton Seaver’s Smoked Sardines with Heirloom Tomatoes and Herbs (p.132), Mario Batali’s Jellyfish Salad with Golden Tomatoes, Opal Basil, and Arugula (p. 136), and Jose Andres’ Clementines with Chinchon, Anchovies, and Black Olives (p. 154).

Then, go to your fishmongers or down to the pier and make sure that they aren’t selling tuna and swordfish – but anchovies, sardines and mackerel.

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  1. Mark Preston says:

    We must all do our part in protecting our environment. There is nothing better than a freshly cooked piece of fish to keep you going.

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