Joan Lunden’s Twiztt

Joan Lunden

Your kids are going off to college or moving out to their first apartment. They’ve ransacked your basement and kitchen for hand-me-downs, but there is still something missing. Appetites don’t decrease just because you have a tiny space to store and live your life. Super Chef came across a solution for cooking in tiny spaces – Twiztt.

Twizzt by Joan Lunden

Twiztt is Joan Lunden’s (in partnership with The Cookware Company) contribution to the little kitchen: stackable, smart sets that take one pot cooking to the next level. Super Chef tried out Cut, Cook & Serve. It comes with a stainless steel Thermalon-ceramic coated skillet that is oven safe to an amazing 850 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s large enough to cook spaghetti, chili or chowder. The skillet nestles inside a melamine bowl – with two handles stacked inside the bowl’s grooved sides. The skillet lid has an adjustable steam release knob. It also comes with a round bamboo cutting board also fits on the bowl – so that you can cut and chop directly into the bowl or pot with no extra counter space needed. The board also comes with an inch and centimeter measure – for getting your dice just right. Chop vegetables for a healthy meal, add to pot, serve in bowl – easy peasy.

Lunden is famous for her work as a journalist, but she has also penned cookbooks and lifestyle books. The Twiztt cookware sets are well thought out and vibrantly colored in red and white. It’s the kind of set those college-bound kids are going to keep for a long time.

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