IMUSA: Molcajete, Sanduchera, and Citrus Press

IMUSA molcajete

It’s August!

It’s HOT!

So, why not throw a Mexican themed party or at least eat like you were south of the border?

Imagine a Lava Rock Molcajete brimming with guacamole… It speaks to you: it’s summer, it’s a party, it’s an invitation to eat well. The same guacamole in a plain bowl doesn’t talk at all.

Super Chef test-drove a Molcajete from IMUSA, the Hispanic & International Cookware company. The large, handsome – and very heavy molcajete is big enough for several avocados or a party’s worth of salsa, and useful for grinding spices for any cuisine. A video of George Duran’s recipe for Herbed Crunchy Guacamole is on their website – but first you have to carefully prepare the molcajete by grinding rice then salt until it is free of stone grit.

IMUSA juicer Along with a molcajete, get a Citrus Juicer for all the lemon you’ll need for the guacamole and the orange juice for your Sangria. The Citrus Juicer is bright lemon yellow or bright orange, easy to use – and better yet, easy to clean.

Lastly, get a Sanduchera or Sandwich Press for your Sanduche Cubanos. The sandwich press is a nifty version – one side for flat, the other for grill marks. Stack up roast pork, ham, cheese and all the fixings and start that party without turning on your stove and oven!

IMUSA sanduchera or sandwich press

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